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Stan Freberg Live Tribute – November 2!!!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

I’d like to briefly interrupt my Monster Month posts to bring you some news about a tribute being staged in less than two weeks for my friend, the legendary Stan Freberg. Stan is one of funniest guys I know, and he was a big part of voicing things like the classic Warner Bros. cartoons (alongside Mel Blanc who got all the credit), the Beaver in Lady & the Tramp, and even in Brad Bird’s great Family Dog animated episode for Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories anthology series. I have said all this and more in a post from two years ago where you can see lots more pictures and clips by CLICKING HERE!

For now, though, you can read the official press release below to see how you can get tickets to the tribute at Hollywood’s famed Grauman’s Egyptian theater where you may have a chance to actually meet Stan….


Stan Freberg



American Cinematheque at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theater will showcase the astonishing versatility of beloved humorist Stan Freberg in “The Genius of Stan Freberg: 70 Years of Creative Entertainment” on Sunday, November 2nd at 7pm.

This special evening of tribute will be hosted by actor-satirist Harry Shearer (“The Simpsons,” “Le Show,” “This Is Spinal Tap”) and will feature special appearances by “Weird Al” Yankovic, Micky Dolenz, award-winning filmmaker Bob Kurtz, animation experts Jerry Beck and Eric Goldberg, and many other Freberg colleagues and celebrity fans.

In addition to spontaneous humor and live musical performances, the program will present a dazzling array of favorite clips chosen by Freberg fans, as well as rarely-seen examples of Stan’s ground-breaking writing and performances in radio and records, television series and specials, animated films and of course his hilarious TV ads. Stan will also explore his own career and legacy in a lively exchange with his wife and partner, Hunter Freberg.

Celebrated as much for inspiring others as for his own creativity, Freberg has been named as an important influence by a wide range of artists. In addition to Harry Shearer and Al Yankovic, Freberg is revered by director Steven Spielberg (who has referred to him as his boyhood muse), “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner, and actor-comedian Billy Crystal. Perhaps the greatest tribute to Freberg’s gifts came from another genius, Albert Einstein, who once famously apologized for leaving a Cal Tech meeting by explaining, “you’ll have to excuse me gentlemen, but it’s Time For Beany.”

A clip from that classic kids show, “Time for Beany,” is just one of the timeless Freberg performances to be showcased on November 2nd. Others include excerpts from recorded comedy classics “John and Marsha,” “Saint George and the Dragonet,” “Banana Boat,” and “Stan Freberg Presents The United States of America.” Also featured are rare segments from Freberg’s television specials “The Chung King Comedy Hour” and “The Federal Budget Revue,” as well as Stan’s hilarious Clio-winning TV ads for Sunsweet Prunes (featuring sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury), Jacobson Lawn Mowers, (“Faster Than Sheep!”), a dazzling production number for Great American Soup, and because his fans demand it, the Lone Ranger and Tonto promoting Jeno’s Pizza Rolls.

Among his other notable achievements, Freberg is credited with creating the word “Grammy,” and Ad Age has dubbed him “the Father of the funny commercial.”

Information about the evening is available at the American Cinematheque website,, and advance tickets can be purchased at  Ticket prices are $15 for general admission, $13 for students, and $11 for American Cinematheque members.

In addition, there will be some autographed items of Stan’s for sale, and if you hang around, he will sign any merchandise of his that you bring along for a fee of $25 per item.


Twenty-One Artist Salute

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

This coming Saturday, August 16th, I will be participating in one last epic book signing event for The Sakai Project book published by Dark Horse Comics. I and twenty of my colleagues will be meeting at Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles from 4-6pm to sign our pages in the Usagi Yojimbo tribute book all to help raise just a little more money for our pal Stan Sakai needed for his wife’s cancer bills.

In addition to the book, they will be selling beautiful 13×19″ limited edition prints of just a few of the pieces in the book such as the one by Sergio Aragonès that was announced on CAPS’ Facebook page today. CLICK HERE to visit the CAPS’ Facebook page where special revelations about the upcoming signing will be posted all week.


Usagi Yojimbo 30


The following is the official press release from CAPS:

Los Angeles, CA – On Saturday, August 16, twenty-one members of the cartooning community will descend upon Meltdown Comics on Sunset Boulevard to sign copies of Dark Horse Comics’ recently released book “The Sakai Project” to help raise money for the medical bills of fellow cartoonist Stan Sakai, creator of Dark Horse’s “Usagi Yojimbo” comic book, now in its thirtieth year.

Fundraising efforts were initially spearheaded by the Comic Art Professional Society (CAPS), an organization of professional comic book artists and writers of which Stan Sakai is a member. Organized by artist Tone Rodriguez, CAPS began collecting original art last December for an online auction to lend a helping hand to Sakai, whose wife Sharon has been suffering from an inoperable brain tumor. As art poured in from the cartooning community, many pieces were custom drawings of Stan’s samurai rabbit creation Usagi Yojimbo.

Bill Morrison, a member of CAPS and an art director at Bongo Comics (publisher of “The Simpsons”), approached Sakai’s publisher, Dark Horse, about collecting these wonderful images into a book to also benefit the Sakais. Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson was enthusiastic about the idea, and offered to pay for the book’s publication so that all sales could go to the Sakais. Bill Morrison proceeded to volunteer his time to edit the book in tandem with Dark Horse editor Randy Stradley which was designed voluntarily by noted book designer Serban Cristescu. The result is a beautiful 160-paged hardcover art book featuring interpretations of Usagi Yojimbo by some of the top cartoonists in comics today.

Between the online auction and the book, the cartooning community came together in a unique way to help one of their own. Now twenty-one artists local to Los Angeles will gather one more time to help their friend with a fundraising book signing event.

Attending the signing event will be “The Sakai Project” contributors Sergio Aragonès (“Groo the Wanderer”, “MAD Magazine”), Mark Evanier (“Groo” writer), Tom Luth (“Groo” and “Usagi” colorist), William Stout (noted illustrator), Ricardo Delgado (“Age of Reptiles”), Jeff Keane (“Family Circus”), Rubèn Procopio (“Batman 66”), Bill Morrison (editor of “The Sakai Project”), Tone Rodriguez (“The Simpsons” comics), Dean Yeagle, Steven E. Gordon, Anson Jew, Benton Jew, Aidan Casserly, Chad Frye, Brad Rader, Patrick Scullin, Robert Stanley, Mark Dos Santos and Mike Kazaleh all joining with Stan Sakai (“Usagi Yojimbo”) himself.

Books will be sold for $45 each, or if fans already have the book, they will be charged a nominal $15 to have their books signed by the artists in attendance.

In addition to “The Sakai Project” book, there will be limited edition prints available exclusively at the event of four images from the book by artists attending the signing: Sergio Aragonès, Stan Sakai, William Stout, and Bill Morrison.

The event will take place on August 16 from 4-6pm at Meltdown Comics & Collectibles, 7522 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046. Thanks to Meltdown, all proceeds go to Sharon & Stan Sakai to help with their medical bills.


“The Sakai Project” Book Signing

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

As a contributor to The Sakai Project book, published last week by Dark Horse Comics, I will be participating in a big book signing this coming Saturday. Even Stan Sakai himself will be in attendance. If you are in the Los Angeles area, come on out and meet SEVENTEEN artists!


Sakai Project

Violet Monkeys

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Here in Los Angeles, it has become a thing for small art galleries to host group shows of art created to a common theme. Local artists have created art for displays themed to the work of Tim Burton, Hanna Barbera, The Wizard of Oz, How To Train Your Dragon, and even the collected works of J.J. Abrams’ films and television shows. This past Saturday I contributed a piece to the Planet of the Apes themed show hosted by the Creature Features gallery in Burbank, California.


Charlton Heston

Based on the original Charlton Heston movie from 1968, the 16x20" "Violet Monkeys" was created with watercolor and colored pencil.


Perhaps you would like to hear a little behind-the-scenes story about this particular piece? It wasn’t that I just decided to one day create a painting from a forty-six year old movie. There is a little more than that to tell…

When I first moved to California to work for Disney Feature Animation in 1997, it was right as Hercules was being released. Charlton Heston was the opening narrator for that film, and being a fan of his work, I struck up a correspondence friendship with him. I always loved that first Planet of the Apes film, so after a few years of writing back and forth with George Taylor (Heston’s character’s name), I created my first Planet of the Apes painting in his honor for a solo art show to be held at the studio. Mr. Heston was going to attend, but unfortunately didn’t make it.

This past February I was going through some boxes and found a letter from Mr. Heston he had sent after seeing a print of that original painting (which is currently on my website). He wrote such a complimentary letter that all these years later it touched me again. Almost immediately after finding that note, I was invited to participate in Creature Features’ Planet of the Apes themed art show. With the renewed encouragement from that old letter, it was time to reinvent that piece created eleven years ago that, quite frankly, could stand to have a make-over.

As the deadline for the show loomed, the realization set in that time was running out to create the new piece. I was about to take off on a lengthy river boat trip through Russia, and suddenly got the idea that a painting could be created during sailing days between ports. The initial drawing was created while at home in the States, then it was packed along with some watercolor paper, paints, brushes and colored pencils for travel to Russia.



Riverboat Stateroom

While it wasn't the best studio in which to work, it was the most adventurous. This was the set-up in my room on board the riverboat that took me across Russia


Setting up a make-shift studio in my riverboat stateroom proved challenging due to the small, tight quarters. It became an adventure. I would open up my curtains, and watch the Russian countryside float by while sitting there working on purple gorillas and an orange Charlton Heston.

One day Julia, one of the ladies who worked the front desk, said to me out of the blue, “I like your violet monkeys.” I scratched my head trying to figure out what she was talking about at first. It turned out that she had come around the day before to deliver magazines about St. Petersburg to all our rooms and had seen the work-in-progress sitting there. She didn’t know what Planet of the Apes was, so she referred to the painting as “violet monkeys”. I liked the reference so much that the painting is now officially named Violet Monkeys.


Violet Monkeys

Meet Julia, the Russian front desk worker who unknowingly named my "Violet Monkeys" painting.


So, there you have it. This is my first major piece to have been created abroad (while aboard no less), and it was done while traveling over 1000 miles across Russia’s rivers, lakes, and canals between Moscow and St. Petersburg! It had to get done, because the art show opening was the day after I returned to the United States!


Grand Circle

This is me in front of the Tikhi Don ship (part of Grand Circle Travel's fleet) docked in St. Petersburg, Russia. This was my home and studio for the past two weeks.


While fighting with jet lag back in beautiful downtown Burbank, CA, I managed to get the framed art to the Creature Features gallery in just enough time for them to hang it for the evening’s opening. And boy, what an opening! Several hundred people were in attendance including fellow contributors Shag, Patrick Owsley, Ben Von Strawn, William Stout, and many others! A few enthusiastic fans even came dressed as characters from the movie. Taylor White and his Creature Features team put on a good show of fantastic art, and even costumes and props used in the classic productions!


Creature Features

One of two gallery rooms at Creature Features in Burbank, CA during the opening of the "Art of the Apes" group show.

Planet of the Apes art

You can see that "Violet Monkeys" is right at home amongst some other spiffy art.

Planet of the Apes fans

Interspecie attendance to the show was welcomed.










68th Annual Reuben Awards – Part 5

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Even though the Reuben Awards convention was only three days long, the cartoonists did so much stuff that the photos needed to be spread over five days! This last post for the 2014 gathering is of our farewell gala held on the evening of May 25th on the top deck of the USS Midway aircraft carrier/museum! What a great venue for a party! You have the harbor on one side with the setting sun, and you have the city of San Diego basking in the glow of that sunset on the other side all while surrounded by fighter jets, imposing helicopters, and cartoonists!

Unique to this event was that many injured servicemen and women were invited to attend with their families. The National Cartoonists Society members were able to mingle and draw for these brave folks throughout the evening.

Once again, the photos can tell the story…


Top Gun

Bill "Maverick" Morrison with Greg "Goose" Walker.

B.C. comic strip

Patti Hart (of the "B.C." comic strip legacy) on deck.

Onion & Pea

Former head of King Features Syndicate Joe D'Angelo chatting with "Onion & Pea's" David Tomaselli and Josè Villena from Spain.

Jeff Keane

Cartoonists (and my dad) enjoying a buffet dinner with a San Diego skyline backdrop.

Tom Heintjes

Tom Heintjes ("Hogan's Alley" magazine) chatting with Ohio State University's Jenny Robb.

military aircraft insignia

Wayno (contributor to "Bizarro") taking a photo of a helicopter's cartoony insignia.

USS Midway deck

My pop with a USS Midway docent who is showing Dad that the planes would go thataway.

Keelan Parham

Keelan Parham doing his best "blue steel" pose and Kenny Durkin ("Duck Dynasty" merchandising artist) modeling coffee.


Editorial cartoonist Tom Stiglich (in the middle) and Brad Anderson ("Marmaduke") spending some time with the soldier in red on the left who revealed to them that he has cancer that will likely take him within six months. Some of the stories of the servicemen in attendance were sobering to those of us who are used to making people laugh.

Bruce Higdon

Bruce Higdon continuing to make little kids smile with his drawings.

cartoonists drinking coffee

Greg Evans ("Luann"), military cartoonist Jeff Bacon, and editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez ("Investor's Business Daily").

cartoonists chatting

My blurry mother Barbara, John Reiner ("The Lockhorns") and Marcia & Joe D'Angelo (King Features).

John Hambrock

John Hambrock ("The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee") in his best GQ moment.

Murray Olderman

Sports cartoonist Murray Olderman having a relaxing interlude with Tom Heintjes.

Red and Rover

"No really, I have a metal falcon from Malta." - Brian Basset ("Red & Rover") on the right with R.C. Harvey

Beetle Bailey

Greg Walker ("Beetle Bailey") on the right chatting with his sister Margi Hauer and her friend Trey Reynolds in the shadow of helicopters.

When the sun drops down, the ship lights up!

Michael Ramirez

Two time Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Ramirez led his band in entertaining the crowd during the evening.

Tom Richmond MAD

Tom & Anna Richmond giving away five IDW Best of MAD oversized books as door prizes, though technically there were no doors there.


Despite the shindig on the USS Midway being a rousing success, cartoonists just can’t call it a night quite yet. Many went back to the hotel where an after party was underway! Here are a few parting party pics…


Bizarro writer

Dan McConnell (contributor to "Bizarro") who signed over an oversized MAD book he won on board the Midway to illustrator Rich Powell.

Charles Kochman

Book editor Charlie Kochman with his wife Rachel.

Stephanie Gladden

I was able to introduce Kassandra Heller and Stephanie Gladden who both work on the same Cartoon Network property but on different coasts!

Nick Meglin

Holding court at the after party was Linda Maloof and Nick Meglin ("MAD").

Sinatra look-alike

Editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich channeling ol' Blue Eyes.

Ray Alma & Chad Frye

Ray Alma being very impolite by pointing at me. Some people. Sheesh.

And with that, we conclude this 2014 Reuben Awards report! Thanks for having a look at what we do when we get together! To learn more about the National Cartoonists Society, visit!

68th Annual Reuben Awards – Part 4

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Well, now comes the time for you to see cartoonists actually cartooning. On Sunday, May 25th, a good number of NCS members travelled to a military hospital to draw for injured soldiers. Then coming in waves of two shifts, the cartoonists descended upon San Diego’s Navy museum, the USS Midway aircraft carrier. My folks and I walked down to the ship to tour it and to see what my colleagues were doing…


USS Midway

My parents Barbara and David (a former Merchant Marine) just before boarding the USS Midway aircraft carrier.

the kiss

Now that is one giant kiss! (seen next to the USS Midway in San Diego)

comic strip artists

Bill Morrison ("The Simpsons" comics), comic book artist Stephanie Gladden, someone I can't identify, Brian Basset ("Red & Rover"), Greg Evans ("Luann") and Jerry Van Amerongen ("Ballard Street") all pretending to be busy.

Bruce Higdon

Bruce Higdon, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, drew incessantly for the kids all afternoon and again in the evening at the farewell party.

Family Circus artist

Jeff Keane ("The Family Circus") showing some kids how to draw and lick the tip of their noses at the same time.

Tank McNamara

Bill Hinds ("Tank McNamara") drawing for a very tall kid with wrinkly elbows.

Silver Drawing Academy

Stephen Silver ("Kim Possible" character designer) working with a model.

Sam Viviano

"MAD's" Sam Viviano drawing caricatures of the kids whether they wanted one or not.

cartoonists cartooning

"Adventure Time" comic cover artist Chris Houghton, Hilary Price ("Rhymes With Orange"), Jerry Scott & Rick Kirkman ("Baby Blues") drawing on the aircraft carrier.

Rick Kirkman

Rick Kirkman ("Baby Blues") laughing at something funny that we can't see. How rude.

Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker ("Dustin" comic strip) really trying to sell his services. Several overweight plumbers took him up on the deal much to his chagrin.

two cartoonists

Keith Robinson ("Making It") and Jim Horwitz ("Watson") scribbling for the kiddies.

Matt Diffee

Matt Diffee ("The New Yorker") drawing pictures of kids' grandparents.

Gag cartoonist Don Orehek handing a drawing to a delighted child as Don's wife, Suzy, looks on. Don might actually be more delighted than the kid!

Lynn Johnston

Lynn Johnston ("For Better Or For Worse") passionately explaining the benefits of bottled water.

Ray Alma

Ray Alma cheated by wearing camouflage with his name stitched onto it. (We all could still see him by the way.)

Brian Crane

Brian Crane ("Pickles") and Greg Walker ("Beetle Bailey").

Jeff Bacon

Jeff Bacon who put this whole drawing event together, and does so regularly for the USO.


One more day of photos from the 68th annual Reuben Awards are yet to come – pictures from the farewell gala on deck of the USS Midway!!

68th Annual Reuben Awards – Part 3

Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Do you care to see what a cleaned up cartoonist looks like? I have PLENTY of photos to share with you from the black tie Reuben Awards banquet held last Saturday night on May 24. We COULD give these awards out wearing T-shirts and jeans, and maybe someday we will when we have enough categories to give one to everybody (cough-Grammys-cough), but for now there is something very classy about a tuxedo and gown (so long as they are not worn by one person at the same time).


San Diego Convention Center

Dad & Mom getting ready to attend their first Reuben Awards banquet.

Stephanie Gladden

Wonderful comic book artist Stephanie Gladden and her husband John Miller all ready for the evening's festivities.

Bill Morrison

Yours truly (I waited to be in the pictures once I was all fancy) and Simpsons artist Bill Morrison who was about to run all the technical elements to the awards show.

King Features

There were plenty of places where cartoonists could get some refreshing Arrowhead water such as this scene with Karen O'Connell, Brian Walker ("Hi & Lois"), and King Features' Brendan Burford.

cartoony coat

I don't know who this cartoonist is, but I like the cut of his jib.

cartoonist cocktails

Animation guy Gary Goldstein and his wife Jayme enjoying the cocktail hour.

Tom Gammill & Cathy Guisewite

Tom Gammill with his compact Cathy Guisewite accessory.

Non Sequitur comic

Here I am with Wiley Miller ("Non Sequitur") who was kneeling to get into the frame with me.

After the cocktail hour, it was time to enter the Omni's ballroom for dinner.

Tom Richmond

After an opening film, NCS President Tom Richmond had some welcoming remarks for the audience.

Tom Gammill

Master of Ceremonies Tom Gammill (writer for "The Simpsons") opened with an enthusiastic, and rather long song about how the show was not going to go long.

MAD's Nick Meglin

Having been dormant for a number of years, the NCS presented the A.C.E. (Amateur Cartoonist Extraordinaire) Award once again to a celebrity who had wanted to be a cartoonist. Former "MAD" editor Nick Meglin made the presentation to…

Weird Al Yankovic

…Weird Al Yankovic who gave a heartfelt, and semi-sincere speech in a suit that was surprisingly NOT made of Hawaiian shirt patterns. (Wiley Miller must have bought the only one.)

The Lockhorns

The next acceptance speech came from John Reiner & Bunny Hoest ("The Lockhorns") who were bestowed the Gold Key Award which inducted them into the NCS Hall of Fame.

Sergio Aragonès & Russ Heath

Sergio Aragonès presented the Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award to the legendary Russ Heath, who was having trouble keeping his rented tuxedo pants up due to suspenders being errantly absent from his rental package.

Russ Heath

I was next to Russ for dinner, and we snagged a nice shot together with his award at the beginning of the intermission.

Tony Baxter

Disney Imagineering Legend Tony Baxter was in attendance along with Karen Evans who helps her father, Greg Evans, with the writing of his "Luann" comic strip.

Bunny Hoest

During intermission, Bunny Hoest put her hands in the air like she just didn't care.

Pajama Diaries

Terri Libenson ("The Pajama Diaries") engaging in some calisthenics.

Ballard Street

Jerry Van Amerongen ("Ballard Street") wearing some inconspicuous vision correction lenses.

Dave Whamond

When the awards were once again underway, Dave Whamond won the Silver Reuben for Magazine Illustration.

Rick Kirkman & Brian Crane

Last year's co-Reuben Award winners Rick Kirkman ("Baby Blues") and Brian Crane ("Pickles") presented the Silver Reuben for Greeting Cards to...

Mark Parisi

…Mark Parisi who also draws the "Off the Mark" comic strip.

Rich Powell illustrator

The Advertising Illustration Silver Reuben went to the very giddy and very talented Rich Powell.

Patrick McDonnell

Patrick McDonnell ("Mutts") presented the Silver Reuben for Book Illustration to William Joyce who was not on hand to accept. The plaque will look very nice next to Joyce's Oscar.

Brian Walker

Brian Walker entertained the crowd with his rendition of "My Way", after which he handed the Silver Reuben for Magazine Gag Cartoon to...

Matt Diffee

…Matt Diffee who draws for "The New Yorker." Interestingly, Matt contemplated out loud how it was odd for him to be winning the award when his parents had never subscribed to the magazine while he was growing up "because they were not Communists."

Mark Evanier

Have you ever seen Mark Evanier in a tuxedo? We all did when he presented the Silver Reuben for best Comic Book.

Sergio Aragonès Funnies

Sergio Aragonès was only happy to accept the Comic Book award from his old pal and frequent collaborator for his work on "Sergio Aragonès Funnies".

Jerry Scott

Jerry Scott ("Zits" & "Baby Blues" writer) made it to the stage in time to mug for the camera with a cut-out of Ernie Bushmiller, creator of the "Nancy" comic strip that Jerry had a turn at drawing back in the 1980s.

Ryan Pagelow

Ryan Pagelow seemed stunned to win for On-Line Comics - Short Form for "Buni". Either that or he was contemplating becoming a dad for the first time as his pregnant wife Nicky looked on.

Jason Chatfield

The many faces of Australian native Jason Chatfield. Can you believe they gave this guy a Green Card?

Dave Coverly

They also let Chatfield present the Newspaper Panel Cartoon Silver Reuben to Dave Coverly ("Speed Bump").

Michael Ramirez

Michael Ramirez ("Investor's Business Daily") won the Silver Reuben for Editorial Cartoons giving his speech next to presenter and fellow editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich ("The Atlanta Journal Constitution").

Lynn Johnston

In the shadow of Tom Gammill's Dean Doozie, Lynn Johnston ("For Better Or For Worse") presented the award for Newspaper Comic Strip.

Six Chix

Isabella Bannerman happily accepted the Newspaper Comic Strip Silver Reuben for her work on "Six Chix".

Wiley Miller Reuben Winner

Then the moment all were waiting for. With four nominees this year, the Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year was presented by Mell Lazarus ("Momma") to Wiley Miller for his work on "Non Sequitur".

Stephen Silver

And thus was the end of a long, but shorter than last year, show. (Stephen & Heidi Silver)

To see a list of all the winners in this year’s Reuben Awards, CLICK HERE to go to the NCS website!

There are more photos yet to come from the Reuben Awards weekend’s last day!

68th Annual Reuben Awards – Part 2

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

These photos were taken one week ago today during the National Cartoonists Society’s (NCS) Reuben Awards weekend in San Diego, California. Many of the NCS members are not usually in front of the camera since most of us have a face for cartooning. WARNING: Cartoonists may not be as funny looking as you would expect them to be.

So, on Saturday, May 24, the convention festivities continued. There was a lovely buffet breakfast, followed by a business meeting, then four great seminars after lunch before the black tie Reuben Awards banquet in the evening! Read on to see what cartoonists do when they get together…

cartoonists eating food

Despite a late night of socializing the previous day, bleary-eyed cartoonists wandered out of their rooms into a nice buffet breakfast. Seen here from front to back are Ralph Smith, comic book legend Russ Heath and his daughter, and "Hogan's Alley" editor Tom Heintjes.

Mort Gerberg & Sergio Aragonès

"New Yorker" cartoonist Mort Gerberg and his wife Judith chatting at breakfast with Sergio & Charlene Aragonès.

Tom Richmond

Despite the name tag, this is actually NCS President Tom Richmond ("MAD Magazine") presiding over the super secret club business meeting. None of us can ever remember the secret handshake, though, so it took awhile before the meeting could start.

cartoonists working

Jeff Bacon (who organizes NCS trips with the USO to draw for the troops), Todd Clark ("Lola" comic strip), and illustrator Jerry Dowling.

Beetle Bailey

Bill Janocha, assistant to "Beetle Bailey's" Mort Walker, is presenting a citation to Marine CPL McKelzey for the Marines' involvement in the No Greater Love organization's "Ring the Bells for Freedom" campaign this year.

Lynn Johnston

Lynn Johnston ("For Better Or For Worse") caught in a bemused moment across the room.

Matt Diffee

Matt Diffee (cartoonist for "The New Yorker") contemplating the cartooning business at hand.

Helene Parsons

Gag writer Helene Parsons backed by Suzy Spafford and Sergio Aragonès.

Rube Goldberg art book

The first seminar of the day was all about Rube Goldberg, the namesake of the Reuben Awards. On hand for the talk was Rube's granddaughter Jennifer George, and Charles Kochman, editor of the recent Rube Goldberg art book published by Abrams.

cartoonists listening

John McMeel (Andrews McMeel Publishing), Bill Hinds ("Tank McNamara") and Dave Blazek ("Loose Parts") riveted by the Q&A.

Family Circus

"The Family Circus'" Jeff Keane just being Jeffy.

Between Friends comic strip

David Folkman ("Hogan's Alley" art director) with our second speaker of the afternoon, Sandra Bell-Lundy ("Between Friends" comic strip).

Grey Blackwell

Separated at birth, cartoonists Grey Blackwell and Jack Pittman.

Mutts cartoonist

Patrick McDonnell ("Mutts") with his wife Karen O'Connell.

Rhymes With Orange

"Rhymes With Orange's" Hilary Price.

The Lockhorns

How many cartoonists does it take to make Powerpoint work? In this case, three: John Reiner ("The Lockhorns"), illustrator Adrian Sinnott, and John Lotshaw.

The Lockhorns

The third speakers of the day were Bunny Hoest (seen here) and John Reiner of "The Lockhorns".

John Reiner

John Reiner followed Bunny by sharing with the audience examples of his skills at caricature.

Stephen Silver & Sam Viviano

Animation character designer Stephen Silver with "MAD Magazine's" Sam Viviano.

Bill Holbrook

Bill Holbrook in a rare state of rest after often laboring over three comic strips.

Cathy Guisewite

Aaack! It's Cathy Guisewite!

Russ Heath & Mark Evanier

The final speakers of the afternoon were moderator Mark Evanier who interviewed comic book legend Russ Heath.

Sergio Aragonès

Sergio Aragonès and his famous mustache taking in the work of Russ Heath.

Tom Stemmle

Marie and Tom Stemmle from New Jersey.

Stan Goldberg

The great Stan Goldberg attended after he and his wife, Pauline, recovered over the winter from a terrible car accident. Stan commented after Russ Heath's talk that as the colorist for Timely Comics back in the day, he hated obscuring Russ' beautiful line work with colors.


Up next, photos from the black tie Reuben Awards gala!